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Preserve Your Cherished Watch

"Professional watch maintenance and restoration"

Safeguard investment – Maintenance is essential

Run on time – Free 5 point Inspection

Depend on us – Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Is your Jewelry Worth a Fortune?

“No middle man Jewelry Appraisals”

Save Money - Use the appraiser the professionals use

Protect Assests - Insure your vaulables

Discover Wealth - Valuate your precious Gems

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No Middle Man

Skip the mark up costs of going to a jewelry store and come straight to the watch maker all the professionals use!

Free Services

Complimentary 5 point watch inspections. Complimentary Jewelry Appraisal with purchase of another Jewelry Appraisal.

Protecting You

By maintaining your watch’s and ensuring your jewelry is properly insured.

Customer Service

Friendly and dedicated family run business. Call to make an appointment.

“You will thank yourself a million times over by choosing Robyn Singh as your appraiser and or watchmaker.”
Lynda Plavin Fitzgerald
testimonials“The service time was short and the
personalized customer service was great!”
Dorothy Hankins
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Why Choose Singh?


Exceeding Expectations

  • Excellence & Integrity in Service
  • 33 years in Industry
  • Professional, Fast, Friendly
  • Fully Insured
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Independent from any/all Manufactures
  • Free Estimates


Protect Your Assests For Your Heirs

A Jewelry Appraisal will ensure that your valuables are insured at Retail Replacement Value. This will allow you to organize and evenly distribute your Estate to your heirs.

Ensure that your Valuable Watch is not being Permanently Damaged

A common misconception is that fine watches do not have to be serviced regularly. Your fine Swiss watch time pieces should be fully serviced every 3-5 years, just like any luxury item, they need maintenance. Don’t wait for a problem to happen, get routine maintenance on your fine timepiece.

Mishandling and time can create openings in a watch that allow water in to PERMANENTLY damage watch gears and gaskets. Pressure testing is essential every year to ensure your watch is not being damaged.

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Did you pay too much for that Gem?

If your curious what a Diamond or piece of Jewelry is or is worth. You could potentially be sitting on a fortune. Often traveler’s or military – purchase a Gem on a cruise or deployed in service come find out the value and authenticity of what you have purchased.

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