For billions of years, deep in the earth, natural color diamonds were formed. These unique and extremely rare diamonds are subject to such incredible heat and pressure, it is amazing they found their way to the surface so whole and beautiful. Natural color diamonds are famous for their incredible incomparable brilliance. They come in a […]

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Is your jewelry at risk? Have you ever walked into a meeting a few minutes after it started? Or has someone ever asked you the time and you are not sure because your watch’s time is off or not working? Many people still consider watches to be a fashionable and indispensable item for daily use. […]

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Jewelry is more than just an accessory.  Jewelry can be symbolism for a loved one, a fashion statement that reflects your personality or a family heirloom that gives you a connection to your past, jewelry gives you confidence and is a form of self expression.  When you buy or are given a piece of jewelry […]

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