Jewelry is more than just an accessory.  Jewelry can be symbolism for a loved one, a fashion statement that reflects your personality or a family heirloom that gives you a connection to your past, jewelry gives you confidence and is a form of self expression.  When you buy or are given a piece of jewelry you’re not only getting a dazzling item, you are getting a timeless item with tremendous value for now and the future.  It is important that you are knowledgeable about your jewelry and ensure their protection.

Did you know that your homeowners or renters insurance will rarely cover the full value of your fine jewelry in the event of theft or loss?  Depending on the amount of your deductible, you might not receive any compensation at all!  If you have jewelry that you may think is valuable it is highly recommended to get it appraised and insured.  Singh acts as a one stop shop to make the process even easier with both expert appraisals and insurance coverage!
You may even be suspicious about some jewelry that was recently gifted to you or you may just want to find out its true value, and an appraisal can help you find the truth and ease your stress.  There are many sophisticated methods of creating false diamonds these days, so it is an excellent idea to double check the diamonds that you own.  Even if they were purchased at an accredited dealer, it never hurts to get an opinion from a third party.  You never know if a diamond is legitimate until it has been valued and check for authenticity.  
It is important to choose a professional appraiser for your appraisals, like we have here at Singh’s.  Choosing a professional appraiser can be tricky because anyone can present themselves to the public.  There is a clear lack of education when it comes to qualified appraising and unfortunately, countless jewelry owners have been taken advantage of and robbed of their jewelry’s true value by these impostors. Fortunately, Robyn Singh is a Graduate Gemologist, Senior Member of NAJA, and has years of appraisal experience.  Do it right the first time and get your appraisal done by a highly trained gemologist!
After knowing the true value of your jewelry and knowing that your cherished pieces are financially protected.  You can remove the stress and uncertainty that comes along with your jewelry.  Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed.  So get appraised, get protected, and enjoy it

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