Why Appraise?

A detailed accurate appraisal is needed to protect your interests and ensure that you have the proper level of insurance coverage on your collection. In addition an appraisal document is irrefutable proof of ownership in the event that any of your lost or stolen jewelry is found or recovered!

– Protects your Assets
– Proof of Ownership
– Fair Market Value
– Fair and Equal distribution of Estate

Homeowners or renters insurance will rarely cover the full value of your fine jewelry in the event of theft or loss. Depending on the amount of your deductible, you might not receive any compensation at all!  If you have jewelry that you may think is valuable it is highly recommended to get it appraised and insured.

The appraisal documentation will describe:

  • The setting, purity of karat, gram weight, method of manufacture, condition, style, stamps and engravings.
  • The major stone: shape, size, carat weight, clarity, variety, and origin: natural or man made.
  • Minor stones, Including shape, size, weight, color, clarity and condition.
  • Total gem weight will be listed and a digital photograph attached.

The appraisal will provide enough information to replace the item with one of like size, quality and value in the event of loss or damage, retail comparisons, estate (fair market value) or resale.

Singh acts as a one stop shop to make the process even easier with graduate gemologist (GIA) appraiser Robyn Singh!

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