For billions of years, deep in the earth, natural color diamonds were formed. These unique and extremely rare diamonds are subject to such incredible heat and pressure, it is amazing they found their way to the surface so whole and beautiful.

Natural color diamonds are famous for their incredible incomparable brilliance. They come in a wide variety of color, pinks, champagnes, cognacs, yellows, greens and blues. The physical conditions necessary to color a diamond occur scarcely. Fact: for every natural color diamond, there are 10,000 colorless diamonds.

For the color to be anything other than colorless the presence of trace elements and distortions to the typical diamonds crystal must be present / occur. Nitrogen causes yellow or orange shades, boron blue hues, hydrogen violet hues and natural radiation over millions of years generates green and blue hues. Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can compress its structure, this is what creates red, pink, and purple hues.

Color diamonds exude warmth and sophistication – an ideal way for any woman to express her individuality. Which color are you?

Sunshine – Yellows illuminates a woman with an aura

Earth – Browns show a softer & gentler, timeless and contemporary

Passion – Pinks fashion forward, the ultimate symbol of love, grace and femininity

Ocean – Blues powerful like the sea, exceptional and exquisite

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